Everything tastes a little better out here

What is it that makes the perch, the whitefish and the early potatoes taste so good out here on the island?

We would like to think it is because of our great recepies and talented kitchen staff. But we also believe it has to do with something else. Because it is undeniable that something happens in the special atmosphere we have out here in the archipelago. To enjoy a good meal, with a view of the glittering sea does wonderful things with the culinary senses. And then of course there is the joy of sharing a meal with friends. Whether on the terrace of the Wärdshus, the dock by Framfickan or under the trees at the Sea Lodge makes no difference. “Tillsammans” means “togetherness” and it is a feeling that makes great food taste even better.

Or like many of our guests like to say, “Everything tastes a little better out here”


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