Grinda Bakery is now opening in the Heart of the Archipelago

Grinda is the Heart of the Archipelago and an obvious destination for all those who want to enjoy life in this unique Scandinavian atmosphere. Now we are adding yet another attraction to Grinda and to the culinary delights on the island – Grinda Bakery.

Here, you can choose from freshly baked bread in many different varieties and tastes.

And one of the big favorites at Grinda Bakery is of course the Grinda loaf. A bread that is only baked at Grinda and that offers a traditional Swedish full taste with fine saltiness and a lovely aroma.

As early as seven o’clock you can go to the bakery to pick up your freshly baked breakfast bread. And in Lanthandeln, the country store, guests can browse among Grinda Bakery’s temptations throughout the day. Grinda Wärdshus will also have freshly baked bread delivered directly from the ovens in Grinda Bakery, from breakfast on the terrace to dinner in the main hall.

Grinda Bageri is open daily from June 15 to August 15, as well as all weekends from May to September. The bread is available on the shelves in the bakery from 07.00-08.00 and in Lanthandeln from 08.00-18.00.

Opening hours subject to change