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Leave the phones, the plate, the computer and the chargers at home and hang out as the families did before the electronics exploded. Enjoy lighted candles, lovely company and a fantastic archipelago. Bring your family and stay in our cottages with 4 or 6 beds.

The cabins have a working kitchen with stove and oven and a refrigerator. In the cabins there is electricity but not running water or toilet. Showers, toilets and running water can be found in the area located in strategic locations. In the living room there is the kitchen table that you gather around and hang out in the evening, play games, talk and relax.

You spend the day on the beach or explore the whole island where you will find everything from the sheep, the deer to small individual beaches and amazing views. You plan your food yourself or eat at one of our restaurants.

Price from 1100 SEK / night.