This Conference Comes Natural

A conference at Grinda is not like other meetings, because here we touch both the body and the intellect. Going out into the nature of the archipelago and liberating the mind lifts inspiration and imagination to new heights.

At Grinda we not only create time and space for good decisions regarding your future business, here we build stronger relationships that can handle upcoming challenges. You get to know each other and have time to talk about what really matters.

When the work shifts are finished and you come in from walks or activities, good meals are served from the Wärdshuset’s archipelago menu. Out here among the islands, we know how important a good dinner is for togetherness and community.

We accept parties of 2 – 70 people. All rooms have whiteboards, flipcharts, connecting cables and projectors. The room includes pads, pencils, stapler, tape, punch, post-it notes, A4 paper, water, sweets and fruit.

We can also help you with pre-ordering electronics that are delivered directly to Grinda.

Internet connection is included via our guest network.

Premises Furnishing
Board room
Ingeborg 1an 10 8 12
Greta 2an 10 8 12
Santesson 4an 8 6 12
Alfhild 6an 16 14 30
Henrik 7an 16 12 24
Alfhild & Henrik 36 32 70

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