Activities for New Energy and Lasting Relationships

Let the Archipelago Adventure Begin

Gather the colleagues and have fun together, it increases motivation and, by extension, the result. Invite customers to strengthen the relationship.

At Grinda there are sailboats, kayaks and rib boats. We have great ideas for an unforgettable experience in the world’s most beautiful archipelago. And if you want, we can also show you what lies beneath the surface, a fishing trip awaken the big fisherman in all of us – it’s team building at its best.

Sailing Grinda t o r – On our 50-footers, the wind and your wishes can control the route.

Match race/Fleet race – Challenge colleagues or customers in a thrilling race – where you yourself are the crew!

Fishing with the company – A perfect break in the conference, or make the transport to Grinda a fishing adventure!

On and around Grinda, we also arrange team activities, competition activities and fast-paced adventures on the high-altitude course. It is a lot about group dynamics, team building, communication and the art of getting a group of individuals to unite their resources to achieve set goals.

Stockholm’s archipelago is the most beautiful in the world. Here there are fantastic environments and a rich animal and bird life. If you want to have great wild life experiences, we have the guided tours that will take you there. Regardless of whether you want to experience nature up close or from high altitudes.

Stand up paddle – Standing and paddling sounds crazy, and it is. Crazy fun!

Seal Safari – An unforgettable experience where you can see this magnificent animal in its natural environment.

The archipelago from above – Join us on a spectacular trip by helicopter where you soar over thousands of islands.

Get in touch with us at Grinda, and we’ll make sure that your archipelago adventure becomes a memory not only for life, but for the entire company.

Activities for New Energy and Lasting Relationships