Let the adventure begin – Gather your colleagues and have fun together, it increases motivation and ultimately the company profit. Invite your customers to strengthen your relationship.
Here at Grinda you have every chance to fill your days with activities for all tastes. Whether you want to get the adrenaline pumping, just have a nice time or get the brain buzzing, our range of activities is as wide as they come. You can combine any features you want, to create the package that fits your desires to the letter.
What do you want to do today?

Hooked, but above water

Water is fun. The Grinda armada holds sailboats, kayaks, jet-skis, RIBs, combat ships and all sorts of ideas for how to have an unforgettable experience in the most beautiful archipelago in the world. Ship ahoy!
Fishing is so much more than just fishing. It is an experience of nature, an adventure, and team building all rolled into one. And that feeling when the rod starts yanking is a very special sensation. We promise you a day of many happy fishing stories to boast about in the future.

  • Sailing to Grinda and back – Our 50 ft. ships are controlled by only the wind and your expectations.
  • Match race/Fleet race – Challenge your colleagues or clients in a thrilling race, where you are the crew!
  • Go company fishing – A perfect break during the conference, or why not make the transportation out to Grinda into a fishing adventure!

Close to nature – together

On and around Grinda, we also arrange team activities, competitions and action-packed adventures on the high-rope. It is all about group dynamics, team-building, communication, and the art of getting a group of individuals to pool their resources in order to achieve set goals.

The Stockholm archipelago is the most beautiful one in the world. The environment is stunning, boasting a fantastic animal and bird life. If you want to treat yourself to great natural experiences, we have guided tours that will take you there, whether you want to see nature from up close or from higher grounds.

  • The Case – A hilarious competition in a Mission Impossible style, where you receive the assignments on your mobile phone or pad.
  • Stand Up Paddle – Standing up while paddling sounds sick. And it is – so much fun that it makes you sick!
  • Seal Safari – An unforgettable experience where you can see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.
  • The Archipelago From Above – Join us on a spectacular journey by helicopter, and soar like an eagle over thousands of islands.