Security & Service


  • The guest harbour is staffed around the clock, either through the harbour hosts at hand, or via the harbour phone +46 702-45 57 74. We answer around the clock. We harbour hosts are there to assist visiting guests with all kinds of issues. If we cannot resolve the matter ourselves, we know whom to call to get it done.
  • At 10.00 pm, the harbour is to be silent. Thanks for showing respect to your fellow boat neighbours.
  • In case of a fire, there are fire extinguishers located on the piers to quell the fire. If that is not enough, we cut the boat loose and push it out of the harbour area.


Start help

If you need to charge your battery or get start help, we offer this service for you.


Electricity is available on all piers, but because we are on an island, access is limited to 24 sockets/ boats at the same time

Tender service

If in need of tender service, we can come out and assist with our RIB boat. This service is primarily for larger boats (over 60 feet) that cannot enter the harbour but need to anchor outside of it, as well as for seaplanes that may have a hard time getting into the harbour. Price 150 SEK/trip

Harbour fee

The harbour fee includes shower and toilets. The toilets are open around the clock and are located by the “Framfickan” restaurant.


Grinda has environmental stations where you can empty your household waste, sort empty bottles and deposit cans, as well as empty your septic tank


You will find the harbour office on your right hand side when you come in from the harbour. Here, we sell basic boating equipment and ice cream.

Fresh water

You may fill up your fresh water supply by the piers.

Do you have any questions or want to make a reservation?

Please contact us!