Outdoor Group training with Fredrik!


Date 12/07 - 31/08/2021
Grindas outdoor gym, individual & group training!

In a wonderful outdoor environment at our hostel, we have an outdoor gym full of free weights, kettlebells and pullup railings. For those who want, we offer challenging and fun group training with PT, but the gym can of course also be used in its own. For access to the gym you pay eon site. The cost for access to equipment and tools is SEK 100. Talk the staff at the hostel and they will help you out.

Schedule for group training during July and August please see below.
The session is led by Fredrik Elfgren who has extensive experience of training. Fredrik is a licensed naprapath and has worked with crossfit and as a PT for elite athletes.
Period & times. 1/7 – 29/8 email info@grinda.se and sign up!

Week 32 according to the following times:
Thursday 10:00
Friday 10:00
Saturday 10:00
Sunday 10:00