Celebrate Midsummer with us!


Date 25/06 - 25/06/2021

Come and celebrate Midsummer with us!

We celebrate according to tradition with a midsummer menu at The Inn / Wärdshuset but a different midsummer when it comes to dancing and celebration. We are going to celebrate, but we are adapting to the current situation regarding restrictions. We follow the public health authority’s advice and recommendations so there will be no dancing around the midsummer pole but instead entertainment by mingle troubadour like last year.

The midsummer pole is dressed as usual and everyone is still welcome to pick flowers and tie wreaths, but remember to keep your distance. We set the tables sparsely up at The Inn / Wärdshuset for lunch and dinner, book your table in advance, and please keep in mind, keep distance.

We serve a fixed 3-course midsummer menu at Wärdshuset, see below, Framfickan has simpler dishes and offers a herring plate for midsummer and of course  its famous Skagen pizza.  At The Grocery store / Lanthandeln you can buy ice cream and lots of other goodies for the picnic 🙂

Our new concept Utwärdshuset/ Sea Lodge will have its premiere and open up for BBQ evenings starting on Midsummer’s Eve.
The chefs light the grills at 17:00 and serve a delicious barbecue buffet. Book your place for the buffet on 08-542 49 491, choose Stugby & Utwärdshus to make reservation or email info@grinda.se

Celebration Program:

Location: The meadow below Grinda Wärdshus
At 09:00 We pick flowers for midsummer wreaths. Anyone who wants to help pick flowers, tie wreaths and decorate the pole is welcome.
10:30 Rising of the midsummer pole. Strong arms are needed! Welcome and we will get it up together! ☺
KL 14:00

14:00 Midsummer celebration, entertainment led by troubadours and dancing around the midsummer pole.

In the evening there will be a party party with DJ again up at The Inn/ Wärdshuset. As we longed for!
We start at 22:00 – 02:00 Age limit 23 years

Midsummer menu:

3 x sill med potatis, prästost, gräddfil, rödlök & gräslök.
Sparris med krispig potatis, örtkräm & silverlök.
Torsk med kokt potatis, citronsås, zucchini, marconamandlar & forellrom
Grillad biff med fransk potatisgratäng, tomater & dragonmajo.
Sparrisrisotto med parmesan, picklad silverlök & färska örter.
Rabarberpaj med vaniljglass, rabarberkompott & vaniljdrömmar.
Jordgubbar med vaniljglass & maränger.
Lemon cheesecake med italiensk maräng, citronsorbet & lemoncurd.
Pannkakor med vaniljglass & jordgubbssylt.Pancakes with vanilla ice cream & strawberry jam.
Köttbullar med potatispure, brunsås, rårörda lingon & pressgurka.Swedish Meatballs with potato purée, brown sauce, lingonberries & pickled cucumber.

Med reservation för ändringar // With subject for change


Accommodation package:

All accommodation, hotel rooms, cottages and rooms at The Sea Lodge / Utwärdshuset, over midsummer are unfortunately sold out, but email us at info@grinda.se to put you on a waiting list.

Book a midsummer package with accommodation at the hotel. The package includes accommodation in a double room at the hotel, a 3-course midsummer menu and a breakfast buffet. Price: 2095 SEK per person.


Book a 2-day accommodation package! Stay two nights over midsummer with accommodation at the hotel. The package includes accommodation for 2 nights in a double room, 2 3-course dinners and 2 breakfasts. Price 2995 SEK per person.

Price 3-course midsummer menu SEK 695 per person

Opening hours midsummer evening:

Grinda Wärdshus 12.00 – 02:30
Restaurang Framfickan 11.00 – 22.00 (kitchen to 21.00)
Grinda Lanthandel & Cafe 08.00 – 18.00
Utwärdshuset / Sea Lodge  11:30 – 21:00

Warm welcome!