Rena botten


Date 20 Jul 2019

Clean Grinda with us!

RENA BOTTEN returns to Grinda on Saturday July 20 and cleans the remaining parts of the harbor basin from debris when the archipelago is as finest. Grinda Wärdshus is responsible for the logistics of transport to Grinda and lunch. We are picked up at Värmdö 09.00, again around 16.00 (place for pickup is Löknäs on northern Värmdö). Everyone is welcome; we need people both below and above the surface. If you are going to dive, you need a valid certificate, an insurance covering diving accidents and your own equipment.

Keep Sweden Clean assists with shopping bags and Ursuit with lifting bags. Ingarö Dykgas fills nitrox, Dykhuset fills air and Grinda offers the food to anyone who signs up at

If you want to stay overnight at Grinda Wärdshus then they have a clean bottom offer – pun intended – choose between accommodation in cottage or at the Wärdshuset with dinner and breakfast included. Then you have to solve the home transport yourself with the ferry. Book directly with Grinda Wärdshus at and enter Rena Botten.