Let the adventure begin

An ordinary day on Grinda can be a day where you just enjoy the sea, sun and great tranquillity. Or it could be a day filled with challenges, adventures and different experiences.
Here on Grinda you have every chance to fill your days with activities for all tastes. Whether you want to get the adrenaline pumping, just have a nice time or get the brain buzzing.
Gather your colleagues and have fun together, it increases motivation and ultimately the company profit. Invite your customers to strengthen your relationship. Or come with family and/or friends. Everything is possible.
Our range of activities is as wide as they come. You can combine any features you want, to create the package that fits your desires to the letter.

What do you want to do today?

  • Eat and drink
    1. Time-honoured Grinda Wärdshus (The Inn) has a top quality menu and has won multiple awards for “Best archipelago restaurant”.
    2. On the generous wooden deck of ”Framfickan”, you can enjoy great food and beverages right on the water’s edge.
    3.An ice cream by the harbour hut is every bit as delicious as it sounds. Our little parlour is filled with deliciously cool delights.
    4. In the country shop, you can buy everything for your picnic. Coffee, ice-cream and a place in the sun, it’s all there at the café.
    5. Lilla Längan by the south pier holds a mini-market and snack bar.
  • Stay
    6. Our modern hotel has 30 double rooms, tastefully decorated.
    7. The guest harbour is located only a few strokes from bistro restaurant “Framfickan” and has a capacity of around a hundred boats.
    8. You will find complete accommodation in beautiful settings close to the sea in the cabin village.
    9. The hostel has beautiful views and a total of 44 beds.
    10. At the campsite, you can put ut your own tent on the lush meadows.
  • Do
    11. In the port office, you can rent kayaks and buy various boathing gear or something pretty from Grinda’s own clothing line.
    12. Next to “Framfickan”, you can play petanque, volleyball, football, etc.
    13. In the barn, you can visit our furry friends.
    14. The sauna is highly attractive among guests on the island.
    15. Grinda has many fine beaches. Go for a swim off the rocks or soak up the sun in the sand.
    16. The Grind trail lingers through beautiful woods and meadows.
    17. Grinda has two lookout points where you can broaden your horizons.

Rent Kayak

Type K1 / K2
Half day/ Full day, 2-8 h 390 SEK / 590 SEK
Full day & night 8-24 h 590 SEK / 990 SEK

Rent Paddle board

 Price per hour 150 SEK
Half day 4-8 h 390 SEK
Full day 8-24 h 590 SEK

Rent Sauna

Sauna Raft:
A wood-fired sauna raft that is located by the marina. Price for 2 hours
3500 SEK
Källvikens Sauna:
A newly built and electricity-fired sauna that is located on
the cliffs by the waterfront near the Inn/ Wärdshuset. Price per hour.
1-4p 500
Group 1000
The Hostel’s Sauna:
A electricity-fired sauna that is located by the waterfront near
the hostel and cabins (15 minutes from the Inn/ Wärdshuset). Price per hour.
1-4p 300
Group 700