About Grinda

Grinda is an island in the heart of the archipelago that lacks road connection. No more than an hour’s boat ride from Stockholm, you will find peaceful tranquillity and a beautiful archipelago nature, along with great food, precious views, different types of experiences, all wrapped up in a good night’s sleep.

A visit to Grinda is like stopping the earth from rotating for a little while. Mr Henry Santesson discovered this in 1906, when the first director of the Nobel Foundation bought the island and had a summerhouse built for his family. It took two years to complete the construction of the beautiful yellow stone mansion in Art Nouveau style. Today, the building is the inn; Grinda Wärdshus.

Grinda is an island strategically positioned in the archipelago, located between the northern Värmdö and southern Ljusterö. This means that you are close to many exciting sights nearby, such as Gällnö, Svartsö and Ljusterö. Grinda is believed to have been inhabited since the Middle Ages. In the 16th century, there was a tax farmer on the island.

In the early 18th century, the archipelago farmers lost ownership of Grinda, and the island changed hands several times during that century. In the early 19th century, it was once again bought by archipelago farmers.
In 1906, the district judge and first director of the Nobel Foundation, Mr Santesson, bought Grinda and built a beautiful yellow Art Nouveau stone house for his family. The mansion was designed by architect, Ernst Stenhammar, and was completed two years later, in 1908.

The City of Stockholm bought the island in 1944, the purpose being to provide new recreational areas to the people of Stockholm. A cabin village and a campsite were built. The former military barracks invited girls to join summer camps. Today, the Southern camp is a hostel, which has meant that a wider range of society now have the opportunity to visit the archipelago. Grinda was, and still is, a popular destination for both locals and further afield guests.

Over the years, the villa has served as a boarding house, summer camp and treatment centre.
The City of Stockholm owned Grinda up to 1998, when the island became the property of the Archipelago Foundation.

The beautiful nature and proximity to the city has made Grinda a summer paradise for Stockholm residents. You will find lovely, child-friendly places to go swimming, both by the southern and northern steamboat docks, as well as at Källviken. Since the Archipelago Foundation owns the island, you can roam almost anywhere. Take a stroll along the 2.5 km long “Grind trail” past the island’s highest point at Klubbudden.

The majority of activities at Grinda are accumulated around the island’s southern pier. Here you will find the harbour with its cosy bistro pub “Framfickan”, the Inn just up the road, and right next door, there’s the country store and café, offering freshly baked buns, muffins, sandwiches, salads, etc.

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